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Why You Need Panasonic Massage Chairs

Learn about the complete line of Panasonic’s massage loungers including price, warranty, features and specifications. Discover for yourself why Panasonic has become one of the top Japanese massage chair brands. This is an informational site to help you learn more about Panasonic Massage chairs and is not affiliated with Panasonic.

Massage Chair Endoresment Panasonic Massage Loungers – “ideas for life”

9Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of top quality shiatsu massage chairs for professional and home massage use. Massage chairs are part of Panasonic’s selection of high quality whitegood products (larger appliances). Panasonic has released dozens of models over the years to become one of the world’s best selling massage chair brand. The Panasonic brand name came to life in 1955 when the Japanese electronics maker Matsushita landed in North America. Since then the Panasonic brand name has found its way into millions of American homes in the form of Audio equipment, cameras, video players, televisions, computers, and now in the form of massage recliners.

Panasonic currently offers two standard massage chair lines in the United States, each available in a variety of models. Panasonic Real Pro Elite™ Massage LoungerThe Real Pro Elite is the top Panasonic massage chair series. It offers advanced body scan technology, programmable massage memory, 30 inches of massage coverage and an air driven seat, calf and foot massage. The Real Pro Elite replaces the older Real Pro 3202.

The Real Pro Elite is offered in four models, the EP3222KU (black), EP3222CU (gray), EP3513KU (black) and EP3513CU (gray). The EP3222 models can be purchased through a variety of authorized Panasonic massage chair dealers and represents the best value of all Panasonic massage chairs. The EP3513 models however can only be purchased through select mall locations and are marked up appropriately. The main difference in the chairs besides slightly different upholstery is the addition of an air driven arm massager on the EP3513. Customers should take note that the arm massager can only be used when the chair is in the upright position.

Panasonic Swede-Atsu Wave Massage Lounger

The Swede-Atsu wave massage lounger is Panasonic’s introductory massage chair line and is offered in four different models. Customers can choose from the EP1272KL (black), EP1272TL (Brown), Lifestyle™ EP1272KL (black) and Lifestyle™ EP1272TL (brown). The differences in the Swede-Atsu wave massage lounger models is purely cosmetic. The Lifestyle™ series can only be purchased through select mall locations and has a different arm design and upholstery than the other models. The massage itself remains the same.10

Panasonic Massage Chair Warranties

All Panasonic massage chairs come with a factory 3 years parts 1 year labor warranty. However select authorized online retailers offer both the EP3222 and EP1272 with an extended 5 years parts and 5 year labor warranty. These online retailers have been selected due to their superior massage chair knowledge and service capabilities. We highly recommend purchasing your new osaki Massage chair with this extended warranty offer.